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20 Simple Ways to Save Money That You Can Do Today

If you’re strapped for cash, you’re probably on the hunt for ways you can stretch your dollar. Whether you make $15,000 a year or $150,000 year, here is a list of twenty ways to save mone that you can put into practice right now.

Go Grocery Shopping with a List and a Time Limit

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Going to the store with a list will help you to avoid impulse purchases. Give yourself a time limit, if you only have thirty minutes to get groceries, you won’t have time to look at things you do not need.

Eat at Home More Often

Going out to eat hurts your wallet. It is convenient to go through the drive-thru, but it can also add up. Limit eating out to special occasions, and you will be amazed at how much money you will save.

Cut Cable

With options like Netflix and Hulu, cable is ultimately a superfluous expense. The average monthly cost of cable is $70. This cost does not include any premium channels you may have. Netflix is $7 a month! There are several television shows and movies available on Netflix.

Turn off Appliances

When you leave your house turn off any appliances that you can. Turn off your air conditioner, or at least adjust the thermostat. Make sure the lights, television, and radios are all turned off. Also unplug appliances that you are not using. Unplug unused chargers, curling irons, toasters, etc. Taking these steps will cut costs on your electric bill.

Look for Deals

Wait until things go on sale. Shop online. Make sure that everything you purchase, you are purchasing at the lowest possible price.

Coupons and Wholesale Stores

Whenever it is possible, use coupons. No, you do not have to become one of those psycho coupon crazies. Just use coupons when you can. Also, if you have the room, buy in bulk. Sign up for memberships to stores like Sam’s or Costco to buy in bulk. You save tons of money by doing this. Obviously, don’t buy a gallon of mayonnaise if you are never going to use it. However, toilet paper is something that you will always need.

Cut up Credit Cards

If you have any credit cards, cut them up. Credit cards are a way to live beyond your means. You are setting yourself up to be in debt. Pay off any credit cards you have, and never get one again.

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Sit down and make a budget for everything. Stick to this budget. For the first few months, your budget will probably move around a bit. Once you know for sure how much you spend on specific things each month, maintaining a monthly budget will be much easier.

Free Entertainment

Instead of spending your hard earned cash on expensive entertainment, go for free or cheap entertainment. Get a library card. Go to the park. Go to high school plays. Have a Youtube date. Go for a bike ride. Play outside. Have a picnic. Are you excited yet? There are so many ways to be entertained without having to spend a dime.

Buy Used

There is no shame in buying second hand clothes. You can literally get a whole new wardrobe for $20. Do not limit your “used items” buying to clothes. Craigslist and garage sales should become your new best friend.  You can find nearly anything you could ever want used.

Buy Generic

If you aren’t already, start buying generic products. Nine times out of ten you cannot tell the differences. Making the switch can save you hundreds of dollars.

Cut Gym Memberships

Gym memberships are costly. You can work out at home and see the same results. Buy work out DVDs. Go for a walk. Do all of those workouts that you pinned on Pinterest. You will save around $50 a month, and you can still have a killer body.

Stay In

Invite your friends over, and have a board game night. Going to the bars or going out to eat can really add up. Save money by entertaining at your house.

Drink Water and Bottle it Yourself

Buying sodas and juices will crank up your spending. Water is cheap and it’s better for you. Don’t buy bottled water. Bottle the water yourself.

Carpool, Ride Bikes, and Walk

Gas prices are killer. Whenever you can, carpool or walk. Find opportunities to save that gas!

Do it Yourself Repairs

If you can do it yourself, do it. There are unlimited resources online to guide you through do it yourself projects. You will save money by not hiring others to do what you can do yourself.

Turn off  the Water

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This will help to bring down your water bill.  Don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth or shave.

Get Rid of Paper Products

Paper plates, paper cups, and napkins are all convenient, but at the end of the day, they are an unnecessary expense. Wash your plates and cups and use rags instead of napkins.

Homemade Products

You can make your own cleaning products and personal care products. You can do just about anything with vinegar and baking soda. Search online for recipes for laundry detergent, shampoo, cleaning products, and everything else you can think of. These products are so expensive when you buy them from the store. When you make them yourself, you will save tons.

Get Healthy

If you are healthy you will have fewer medical bills. Cut out unhealthy habits. Junk food and cigarettes are expensive and awful for you. Become a healthier person and you will inevitably save money.

Use these twenty simple steps to cut costs and save money. You will immediately start to see money that you never knew you had. Saving money requires a little work and planning, but at the end of the day it’s worth it!

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Spencer Mitchell is a personal finance fanatic that loves to save a few dollars wherever he can. He also likes to spend time making money online through paid surveys. You can read more about how you can get paid to take surveys at: . While paid surveys won’t make you a billionaire, they can help you save a few hundred dollars per month or pay down credit card or student loan debt.

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  1. Cathy, I am an energy miser, so was shocked to get an energy “check up” in the mail from our provider – Duke Energy. Our energy bill is more than double that of our neighbors. We do have tall ceilings but that alone couldn’t make this much difference.

    Our house is cold. There is no doubt about it. We use space heaters in the rooms we are in…when we are in them. I close all doors to unused parts of the house. I unplug appliances. We were startled to say the least.

    I saw your “turn off appliances” entry and it brought this to mind. We have energy leaks and we are on a mission to find them!

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