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money-ideaHave you dreamt of starting a business but lack capital? Or do you fear getting a loan and starting off a new venture in debt?

Here are five businesses that you can start today with little or no capital.

And most of these businesses can be started in your spare time so there’s no need to abandon the security of your steady paycheck.

eBay Store

The benefit of starting an online retail store with eBay is the established traffic that comes to eBay looking for anything and everything  to buy. Whether you start out selling things around the house, crafts that you make yourself or find a dropshipper to supply the products you sell, you’re sure to find a audience with eBay which is the biggest hurdle in becoming an online retailer.

Freelance Writer

If you are a good writer and enjoy doing it, you can readily find freelance projects on sites like eLance and oDesk.

Pet Sitter

If you love pets, one way to turn your passion into a career is to start a pet sitting business. Often people working long hours or travelling out of town need to care for their pets but don’t want to leave them at a kennel where they may spend long hours in a confined space. If you have the expertise with animals and the proper space in your home, or are willing to perform in home visits, a Pet Sitting Business can be a fun and low cost business. However, especially if you are hosting pets in your home , check with your insurance professional to determine what type of commercial insurance is required to cover your liabilities.

Pet Waste Removal

Not for the squeamish or easily grossed out, pet waste removal is a growing market that simply requires transportation, a shovel and attention to detail.

Personal Assistant

If you’re organized and excel at getting things done and have the time to “get it done now”, consider becoming a personal assistant for busy professionals that need help with the details of their hectic lives. There’s no cost of entry to become a Personal Assistant and in some markets they can easily earn $15-$30/hour. If you do go down this path consider creating a website outlining your expertise and experience along with some testimonials.

These are just a few businesses that require little or no out-of-pocket expenses. Pick one or let them inspire you to think outside of the box and follow your dream!