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Blogging Update with Revised Goals

When I launched this blog a little over 3 months ago I had no idea how to run a blog or measure it’s success. I just had a story and a new frugal lifestyle that I wanted to share with others. Three months later it’s safe to say that I still don’t know that much about running a blog, but I am learning.

I would say one of the smartest things I’ve done with regard to this blog is to sign up for the Yakezie Challenge, an effort lead by Sam of Financial Samurai to help lesser known Personal Finance blogs, like Cool to be Frugal, increase their Alexa rankings. Alexa is a website ranking and information company. Their rankings are used by to determine their Wisebread 100+, one of the definitive lists of top Personal Finance blogs.

When I joined the Yakezie Challenge on March 10, 2010:

  • My Alexa ranking was 3,989,292
  • I was not listed on the Wisebread 100+
  • I only received a handful of visitors each day
  • My Google page rank was 0

One month and 11 days later (April 21, 2010):

  • My Alexa ranking is 231,061 – I’ve moved up 3,758,231 places in a little over a month!
  • I am # 148 on the Wisebread 100+
  • As of this week I am averaging around 100 visitors a day
  • My Google page rank is 1
  • Cool to be Frugal is ranked #30 in Technorati’s Top 100 Finance Blogs

I know without a doubt that without the support of my fellow Yakezie members my stats would be closer to the March 10th numbers than where I stand today. It demonstrates the value of a support network to push you further towards achieving your goals.

Speaking of goals, I had set the following at the beginning of the year:

  • Post daily (except weekends)
  • Develop readership of 1,000 subscribers and 10K visits per month (note: I have no idea if this goal is realistic. It may be shooting too high or too low, but I wanted to give myself some sort of target to push me forward.)
  • Generate additional income from the Personal Finance Blog to put towards paying down debt and savings

When I set those goals I knew nothing about Alexa and didn’t even know about Google page ranking. Now that I have a little more knowledge, I think it’s time to reset my goals based on what I think it a more accurate measure of success for Cool to be Frugal.

  • Post 4-5 times a week
  • Break 100K in Alexa by the end of the year – I will need to move an average of 520 places a day to achieve this.
  • Average 10K visitors per month – I think this is achievable but requires that I more than triple my readership.
  • Increase my Google page rank to 3

I think by focusing on these revised goals I’m laying the foundation to achieve the next goal of building a consistent revenue stream.

I enjoy writing this blog more than I could have imagined and I’m grateful to each of you that visit. You keep me motivated and inspired to look at creative ways to approach our finances on our journey to financial independence. I hope you’ll stick around!

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