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“Choose Something Good This Time!” — Finding Wine Deals

Wine… we use it to celebrate all kinds of occasions. We share it with friends, we take it to (dinner) parties, and sometimes we just unwind with a glass after a hard day in the office (hopefully, you don’t have too many of those, though!). On those occasions, we always like to drink the best, but sometimes you have to pay a lot for good-quality wine… or do you?

If you love wine and would like to enjoy wine at lower prices, here are a few tips to help prevent this passion for the grape putting you out of pocket.

Shop around online

An easy way to find good wines at discounted prices is to check out wine merchants and supermarkets who can deliver wine straight to your door. Use a wine by post service and you can order wine from your home enjoying both convenience and potential discounts. Free delivery is also usually available, which saves on your transportation costs.

Join a wine club

You also don’t need to leave your home to join a wine club and there are many available online through supermarkets, wine societies and wine stores. By joining you can take advantage of the special discounts, learn about the wines from around the world, and obtain low-cost sample bottles. You can save as much as up to 50% on some bottles and cases, which will make the wine taste even better! One major bonus of becoming a wine club member is that sellers can recommend wines specifically to your taste based on previous purchases.

Look out for special discount vouchers

If you’ve really got the thirst and just want wine, wine, wine, keep your eye open for additional special offers. You can get online discount vouchers, which are one of the best ways to save some money and also a cracking way to obtain sizeable discounts on selected wines through wine merchants and supermarkets. Make sure that you set up an email alert to ensure you don’t miss out on the vouchers before they expire. Search around online and you should be able to easily find some discount vouchers for immediate use. Great!

Wine and dine (with meal deals)

Of course, there’s nothing like washing down a meal with a drop of red or white, and specific wines go well with specific dishes. Pinot Grigio works like a dream with light seafood dishes, whereas a dry Riesling makes perfect company for Indian curries and a Shiraz or Cotes-du-Rhone is welcome with barbecue chicken dishes. There’s basically a wine for every meal. If you’re unsure then go for the wine and meal deals options available through supermarkets. Wine and meal deals for two provide exceptional value for money whether you’re having a romantic meal or simply looking to broaden your cuisine range and wine knowledge.

In many walks of life you have to pay extra for good quality, and although you may have to pay a lot for some wines, you certainly don’t have to stump up every penny you earn for a good wine. As you can see, there are all kinds of avenues for wine lovers to enjoy quality wines at lower prices, so when it’s your turn to have friends over for dinner they needn’t have to worry about bringing a decent bottle of wine. You’ll have already done that for them!

Image by Paul Goyette, used under Creative Commons license.

Carol Rogers is a Brooklyn-based restaurant critic and wine connoisseur. In between restaurants and glasses of wine, she enjoys nights at the opera and the literature of Truman Capote. 

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  1. These are some great tips for finding fun deals. I like to use sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to find local stuff as well. Thanks for the great information!

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