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Take control of your energy decisions

This post is for our friends in Australia.

Do you know how the price of your energy compares to the price of your neighbours’? Different energy retailers have different agreements with energy distributors, which means that the cost of energy in your area can vary from one retailer to another. As a consumer, you have a choice as to which energy retailer you choose to buy energy from. Doing your research and finding out which energy retailer offers the best prices in your area can help you make significant savings on your energy costs. Here are some of the benefits of doing your research:

It’s easy!

There are a number of free services online that will allow you to enter your postcode, and instantly evaluate for you the best energy deals for your area. It’s so easy to compare different energy retailers, there’s no excuse not to check whether you are getting the best deals possible.

Save money

Taking the time to research energy costs could significantly reduce your bill. As energy prices and the cost of living continue to rise, savings you make on the price of your electricity can have a real difference. When considering energy costs in your area, make sure you also look into the additional fees that you may be charged and how they differ from one supplier to another. For example, are there service charges, or significant late fees if the bill is not paid on time?

Find the right energy plan for you

Doing your research will also help you make sure that you are on a plan that matches your needs. For example, does your contract length and billing schedule suit you? There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing your energy supplier and contract, and these include benefits. For example, if you generally use electricity in off-peak periods, make sure you choose a an energy supplier whose rates are the lowest during those times.

There are also different options available from energy retailers when it comes to using renewable energy and how you can incorporate that into your energy contract.

Arming yourself with the necessary information to make an informed decision as to which energy retailer you use will make you an informed consumer and help ensure that you are getting the best deal. Just as you would take the time to try on a few pairs of jeans before you find the right fit for you, using the tools and services availableonline to compare energy costs and contracts will make sure that your energy plan suits your needs.

Bio: David from Australian Power and Gas suppliers encourages all to consider green energy in their homes and to become more familiar with energy efficient practices in the home. Australian Power and Gas is a leading gas and electricity supplier helping Australians get transparent and fair deals on their power.

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  1. We did the plastic sheeting in our New England home and it works great. It leads to a lot lower energy bills. It’s insurance for your budget when everything is just getting more and more expensive!

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