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Likes, Links and Random Musings – The “I suck at canning” edition

Welcome to Likes, Links and Random Musings! Every week I’ll share with you my favorite posts for the week. Check them out and if you like them leave a comment and let them know.

One word can sum up my week…harvest! It seems like everything in our Organic Garden is ripening right now. I’ve got cucumbers and tomatoes coming out of my ass! Ok, not literally, but we have so many right now I’m finding it hard to keep up. I tried my hand at canning this week with mixed results. My pickles and dilly beans came out beautifully while my tomatoes had too much air in the jars and failed to seal. I’m bummed but I’m not going to let those tomatoes own me. I will figure this out before the summer is over…no matter how many tomatoes are slaughtered in the process.

This week in Personal Finance and Frugality

Yahoo Finance shows us 15 Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For.

America is fat because junk food is cheap and real food is expensive…or is it. Check out Grease’s Financial Crisis @ Punch Debt in the Face and find out.

My Financial Objectives shows us the difference between Income and Wealth. I wish I had realized the difference in my twenties like he has. He’s a sharp cookie!

Money Help For Christians gives us ideas on How to Graduate from College without Student Loan Debt. I’m going to save this and review it with Baby Frugal in 10-15 years when we get closer to sending him to college. Ok, maybe not. But I’ll remember the tips!

A clever guest post outlines Five Priceless Nuggets of Financial Wisdom from The Thomas Crown Affair @ Len Penzo dot Com. I think I actually want to see this movie now.

J. Money  shares his Life List @ Budgets are $exy. I’m inspired! I think I’ll blog about it…

Oh, my favorite guilty pleasure! youngandthrifty tells us How to Get Your Money’s Worth at an All You Can Eat Buffet. I loves me a buffet!

This week in Entrepreneurship

Erica goes out on a limb and tells us How to Manifest Large Sums of Money @

Mrs. Not Made of Money encourages us to Make Money Doing What You Love @ Not Made of Money. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

This is an older article, but oh so relevant for me right now. How about you? For Mompreneurs, Failure Is Not an Option @ Entrepreneur

And finally, Andy shares his resources in How to Make Money from Blogging, Medical Trials, and Mystery Shopping @ Tight Fisted Miser

CtbF around the Web

Blog Upkeep & Yakezie Link Rally @ My Financial Objectives

Personal Finance Roundup: Where to Find Coupon Codes to Save On Online Shopping @ Money Crashers

Personal Finance Roundup: Boosting Your Income @ Money Crashers

Summer Vacation Edition @ Money Smart Life

Did you know…

Microsoft, Disney, Genentech, McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, and Krispy Kreme were all founded in recessions, depressions or bear markets.

And just because it’s totally awesome…

Roger Federer trick shot. I love him more than my Uggs (yes Uggs, and I wear them like it’s 1995!)


  1. Thanks for including me!

    Have you tried drying the tomatoes? Nothing like sun dried tomatoes- yum! I’m so jealous of your garden. The only thing I got going is basil lol. Going to make a thai chicken basil stir fry for tomorrow’s dinner. And pesto for lunch the day after.

  2. Thanks Mrs.Frugal! Impressive Link Rally!

  3. Thats Wonderful Mr. Frugal. from your description of your garden it seems very interesting. continue with your efforts.


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