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Red roseFrugal dating is becoming more and more popular, and it’s no wonder. Dates can be expensive, especially when you’re trying to impress someone, so if you’re more conscious of your spending, the good news is that there’s a growing culture springing up around frugal dating. Here are a few great ideas for dates that aren’t going to blow your budget before you even get to dessert.

Go in the daytime. Many restaurants that you would be perfectly happy to visit on a date offer an early bird menu or a cheaper price in the daytime, so you can cut a considerable amount off your bill. If you’re going to go to a movie as well, chances are it will be the same price in the evening as it will be in the day, so you could simply go after your meal. Some cinemas offer cut price tickets on some daily deal sites and mobile phone networks too, so going for a date on an Orange Wednesday means that you could get two cinema tickets and even two pizzas for the price of one. You can also search for coupons by to find coupons and save money on gifts or restaurants.

You don’t even need to go to a restaurant at all if you don’t want to. Home cooking, or in the summertime, packing a picnic and heading to the park, could save you plenty of cash, and even add to the romance. Nobody is going to think you’re scrimping if you have your date over to your house and cook a delicious meal; they’re just going to think that you’re a really good cook.

Finding people who are interested in more frugal dates is getting pretty easy too. Try looking through online dating sites for people who share your interests; many of the better sites are free to join anyway, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t find someone who’d be pleased to go on a date with you and won’t mind if you don’t throw your cash around.