Get to Know Me

Hi, my name is Cassandra and my little nuggets name is Harper. She is 11 months and the love of my life (besides my other love of my life). Harper is my first child so my whole perspective of life changed, as most mothers would say. My whole life I have been into fitness and health. I have always tried eating all natural products but on a budget, because we all know that takes a lot of money, money that I definitely do not have now that I have a child! Since I’ve had Harper, I’ve learned to live on a budget and be frugal with my money because I still want to be able to take care of my body the way I used to before Harper while still giving her the best nutrition as well. On my blog, you will find helpful tips on how to be frugal and how to save your money! I hope that you guys enjoy and get some helpful information out of this!