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results-keyRunning a business from home comes with many advantages. You’re not spending a fortune on renting an office space or travel costs. However, there are a few things that you might feel you’re unable to have in your home for reasons involving space and money such as file storage. Fortunately, there is something you could use to store large files without without having to invest in a server. With services like Egnyte you can share files from anywhere with just an internet connection.

Online file storage is something which could help streamline the way in which you’re able to do business. While servers can store large files at home, thanks to the development of cloud computing, you can access any files stored in the cloud with a device that has any connection to the internet, including computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. However, online file storage brings more to the table than just increased accessibility.

Traditional forms of file storage are very useful if you’re struggling to store all your important documents in a safe place, but they can be expensive to buy. Meanwhile, online file storage is much cheaper to buy, and in some cases, can be used free of charge, which can be very useful indeed when it comes to saving money.

Also, by having online file storage capabilities, your business doesn’t have to pay for a full-time IT technician, which is necessary if you own a server and it needs maintenance as a result of breaking down. Meanwhile, cloud computing doesn’t involve having to hire such an employee, meaning that you could save thousands every year. Combining significant savings and an increase in file storage and sharing capabilities, online file storage is something no business could do without, especially if it’s operated in your own home.