How to Deal With an Overly Frugal Friend

1.) Occasions

Do you really want to see the newest and hippest play on Broadway with your show tune-adoring pal, however, you also know that he or she would be way too cheap to go Dutch regarding the tickets? Give him or her a ticket for their birthday. SAy you want to do something costly for your friend who is just not willing to open up their wallet that much, just make this occasion your treat. You’ll definitely be able to take joy in spending time with this friend and together you’ll both be able to happily create a shared memory, and stress-free too! Just remember that this person is most likely not ever going to hook you up with a ticket to a Broadway show for your own birthday and that whatever they give you for your own birthday is completely okay. If you don’t feel like dishing out the big bills in order to take on the cost of spotting a cheap ass friend, try to discover more opportunities to spend time with this person without having to spend too much ching. Check out a cool museum, take a hike on a beautiful trail, have yourself a little picnic in the park, or go to a free lecture. These days, you really don’t have to look that much— there are so many chances to explore the activities outside of your house without spending all your money.

2.) Everyone Spend Their Own Money

 You are allowed to suggest, and in advance, of course, that everyone in the party pays only for what he or she eats and drinks. This could potentially become a pain when it comes to splitting the bill but it has seriously been proven worthy of a try. Along with this, you can pull the organizer of the event to the side and privately tell them your friend simply cannot afford to split the bill evenly and would deeply appreciate it if everyone pays for their items. Again,  it is completely assured that any sympathetic pal will totally understand this- mainly because they have more than likely been in this same exact scenario before in their life, however they were just too embarrassed to say anything! You can also rely on another friend and both of you can go up to the dinner organizer together, so to speak. Power in numbers, yeah? Always tell yourself that it’s courageous if you take steps to make your financial situation better, according to studies. True pals will understand and will be there for you. In addition to this, maybe if you try talking about it in public will actually inspire your friends to do the same exact thing for their own sakes. It’s better to be the leader than the follower.

3.) Accept It if they Say No

There have been those days where you really couldn’t afford something, no matter how you looked at it. Always know that others have these days, too. Don’t let your friends agree to something that they can’t afford simply because they feel like they owe you this. When they say no, just learn how to take it graciously, without a fight.  To keep your friends around, it’s important that you take the initiative and set that next potential date. This shows your friend you still care about him or her and allows you to take the time to find something more affordable.

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