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I’m Joining the Yakezie Challenge!

YakezieMd I’m Joining the Yakezie Challenge!I’m a new blogger and I really enjoy it. I like the challenge of writing articles that I hope will be useful and interesting and I enjoy the interaction with my readers and other bloggers. But I’ve also found blogging is very hard work. It takes a lot of time and dedication to build a blog. I think that’s why I’m so impressed with the Personal Finance blogging community. It’s a cool and diverse group of people from all over the world that are:

  • Extremely hard working
  • Dedicated to helping others
  • Motivated to constantly improve themselves and their situation, inspiring others by their example

That’s why I’m joining the Yakezie Challenge!

What is the Yakezie Challenge?

The brainchild of Financial Samurai, the Yakezie Challenge is a group effort to help fellow Personal Finance bloggers build relationships, increase their exposure to new readers and improve their rankings in Alexa. It really embodies the spirit of this community and I’m very happy I can participate.

What does this mean for you?

There are a lot of great bloggers in this group that don’t necessarily get the exposure they deserve. So each week I’m going to highlight members of the Yakezie Challenge and what I think is cool about their sites. Together we’re going to get to know some really interesting people and how they’re trying to help others live a more abundant life.

I’m ready to get my Yakezie on!

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