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Increasing Sales on Pinterest

When it comes to the best social media platform for eCommerce stores, Pinterest wins hands down. According to “Social Media for Business,” more than 70 percent of users on Pinterest go there with the intention to buy or get ideas on what to buy. Pinterest users have drastically increased, and they are also quite likely to share with others what they have purchased from different stores. The key, of course, is to make sure that your store is represented on Pinterest so that it can draw attention and get you those increased sales.

Offer Coupons

Pinterest has continued to grow its market by offering new things. One of the latest developments is coupon promotion. The Pinterest algorithms tend to rank coupons and deals on a higher level than regular products. Prepare some coupons for your eCommerce store, make them pinnable, and then send them out. Since most of the individuals on the site are already looking for good deals, they will be tempted to purchase from your site. Just make sure that you have the coupons running directly through your website to get the proper coupon applied. Also remember to post time limits or other restraints.

Use Creative and Precise Language in the Descriptions

When people are browsing through your boards and images on Pinterest, they will generally briefly check the descriptions. You need to make sure that you have maximized on those descriptions, rather than just throwing them together. If, for instance, you are promoting a POS terminal, don‘t just describe it generically. Think of what separates it from the others and then condense that to fit in the description. Wacky Gifts and Gifts for the Gifted make the most of these, incorporating humor and making people want to click the link just to find out more about the product.

Choose Rich Pins

Pinterest has added some new features recently, and one of the newest ones is the rich pin. The rich pin allows for significantly more information and descriptions. The other benefit is the fact that the information on the pin is automatically updated. You don’t have to worry about going through and updating all of them as your product prices change. But don’t rely exclusively on rich pins. They still don’t rank at the same level as pure product pins. It’s best to incorporate a combination. The rich pins are better for discovering products through longtail keywords than pure product searches.

Increasing your sales on Pinterest can be a great way to boost your bottom line. Pinterest makes it easy, particularly since so many of its customers want the products you’re selling. One of the ways that you can boost sales is to offer coupons. These are particularly popular on Pinterest, but you will have to update them. You should also make sure that you use creative and precise language in the descriptions to make sure that you draw the customers in. And finally, you should make sure that you choose rich pins when you can. They automatically update, and they can increase search opportunities. 

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