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Four delicious chocolate frosted cupcakes with candles

Four delicious chocolate frosted cupcakes with candles

Hosting a party can be a fairly expensive endeavor no matter what time of the year. Whether it is a birthday party, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween if you have people round to your place, you will always go over budget not matter how frugal you try to be! If you like to be the host, here are some money saving ideas for when the party seasons come around:

Invitations – Handmade invites are always so much more personal and fun than ones you buy at the store so get creative and make your own. Also, if you live within close proximity to your guests, never mail your invitations, take a walk around the neighborhood and hand deliver them. Or better yet, if you have some little helpers in the house in need of some fresh air, have them do it instead!

Balloons – Always buy your balloons in bulk, they are so much cheaper that way. Put aside certain colors for certain types of parties. You should save pink and blue ones for baby showers for example and save orange, purple and black to go with your Halloween costumes

Food – There are some really good food cheats! Pasta, rice and potatoes are great for this. They are really cheap when you buy them in bulk and there are so many good recipes you can make with them all. Make a huge risotto or paella with rice or a big bowl of roast potatoes or potato salad. Pasta is great for bulking up salads too.

Themed Parties – If you must go for a fancy dress party, make the theme simple for yourself. Think about the costumes you already have and shape your party around that. This way, you won’t have to spend any money on a new costume!

BYOB – It’s pretty simple really, ask your guests to bring their own alcohol! It’s not a massive ask if you are having a big party that people bring their own, hopefully most of your friends will be polite enough to bring their own without you asking!