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babyFrom the very first signs of pregnancy you should start thinking about the economic side of bringing a baby into the world. It may be the last thing on your mind as you are overwhelmed with emotion and joy but you really need to remain as level headed as you can about the situation. Try to make your lifestyle more practical and try not to go crazy on the baby buying stuff. So many new parents have no idea of just how much their baby will cost, so to give you a fair idea and some guidance on the monetary side of parenthood, here are some areas in which you can really save:

Samples – Baby product manufacturers literally throw products at new parents. Not only is it great for publicity but if they have a family hooked on their brand, they will be more likely to use them. Be savvy to the ways of corporate give-aways and make the most of it while you can. You don’t have to buy into their brand. There are also loads of great baby product companies that give help and advice to new parents such as Bounty.


Buy in Bulk – Start stocking up on the essentials form an early stage, the big basics like diapers are much cheaper if you buy them in bulk and you will be surprised at how quickly you go through them. Think about all the things you will need as you go through your pregnancy week by week, not just for the newborn but for yourself as a new mother.

Clothes – Don’t buy too many baby clothes in advance. This goes for every type of clothing, especially if you have decided not to know the sex of your baby, make sure you go for things that are unisex to save you money when your baby is born. If you make sure you have all of the basics, it seems that friends and family fill in the gaps after the birth of your baby anyway!

Image: treyevan