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What Is Your Family’s Money Dynamic?

On Easter Sunday we had dinner with my husband’s family. Over dinner the conversation turned to my brother-in-law’s truck problems. He’s in construction and relies on his truck to get him from job to job. Money is tight for them so having his truck out of commission is a big deal. He shared with us what was wrong, how he should fix it, and his plan to do it himself and save $200. Sounded like a fine plan to me, but I know very little on the subject of fixing cars.

It wasn’t until we were in the car driving home that my husband voiced his doubts about my brother-in-law’s plan. (Mr. Frugal knows a lot about cars and can pretty quickly diagnose any problem.) I thought it was interesting, but not surprising, that he didn’t voice his doubts during dinner. We’ve been married nearly three years and in that time I’ve learned that when it comes to the topic of money or anything financially related, in Mr. Frugal’s family you mind your own business. You don’t offer suggestions or advice unless it’s solicited, and they rarely are.

This is completely different from my family where suggestions and advice flow freely and money and finances are often the topic of conversation. Perhaps this is due to the entrepreneurial bent that runs on my side of the family, we can’t help ourselves. So its sometimes tough for me to sit by and not offer up some advice, but I never do. I don’t want to offend anyone.

So this makes me wonder, what is your family’s money dynamic? Do you feel free to share your views and offer advice? Or is the subject of money taboo?

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