Top 5 Unexpected Ways to be Frugal

1.) Buy Fresh Groceries

Having a gigantic amount of fresh fruits and vegetables could very well insanely improve your body in so many different ways. Statistics have proven that taking in seven portions of fruits and vegetables every day has more of a chance of defending against diseases than the typical five-a-day recommendation that doctors give out to patients regarding their diets. Staying at a healthy diet lowers the chances of having to go to the doctor, and with that said it also furthermore means less spending on medical bills. An apple a day could definitely still keep the doctor away, for real. Some expressions your parents used still ring true today.

2.) Spend that Cash Wisely.

Many millionaires who started from the bottom choose to spend their ching on events, rather than things. This pretty much means that hobbies and traveling, instead of sexy automobiles and gigantic mansions. You probably see so many stories of people retiring early to go on a lifelong boat trip or to finally try out other potential passions. Yes those passions come with a price that not everyone can quite be able to afford, yet these frugal people are willing to spend their extra mile smartly, and they do so by spending money on tales and memories that they will be able to tell about to friends and family, instead of having material objects that will probably stay cool for like, a week.

3.) Check In Every Now and Then

Companies such as your cell phone carrier or Internet and cable providers are ever evolving with their deals and specials, however, if they’ve already got you at a higher rate, they will never call you up annoyingly to beg you to save YOUR money — remember that’s your duty. With that said, every six months or so, give them a call just to check what the new deals are that they currently have to go for the services you receive. For instance, if you’re an actor, you could be able to lower your cell phone bill a whole $30 — that’s an extra $360 you get to keep in your pocket by the end of the year.

4.) Creative Commuting

If you happen to drive, then there so much more space in your budget than you probably originally thought there was. Along with challenging yourself to get on a more public-transit-and-walking diet for a particular amount of time, there are just so many carpooling opportunities that you probably haven’t even heard of yet. There are seriously whole entire apps that are dedicated to making sure that more than one person who is traveling to the same place, whether it be daily to work, or once in a rare situation for that weekend trip out of town, aren’t paying twice the amount to get to said the same destination.

5.) Quit Smoking

Kicking the addiction is hard to do. Sometimes for habits like smoking or other lifestyle changes seeing a therapist could help. Know that changing how you think about whatever is affecting you, such as smoking, weight, stress or happiness, will let you alter your personality and you will reach your goals.

To learn more tips on being frugal and saving money, watch the video below!